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Because Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker ‘Hit a Rough Patch’, they broke up a week and a half ago.

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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker broke up a week and a half ago because they had ‘Hit a Rough Patch’.

TMZ, E!, and Us Weekly all allege that Kendall Jenner and her NBA player boyfriend Devin Booker are no longer together.

All three media sites spoke to sources about the unexpected breakup, which occurred less than two weeks ago, and what prompted it.

They made it apparent that Jenner and Booker could work things out, but they disagreed on the direction their relationship should take going forward. E! reports that Jenner initiated the split.

“Kendall feels like they’re on different paths,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight. They have discussed their future, but aren’t on the same page,” a source said.

According to Us Weekly, Jenner and Booker want to see if “a future together is what’s meant to be” before making a commitment. For the time being, they’ll be focusing on themselves.”

In addition, “Kourtney’s wedding really put things into perspective,” according to the insider. They attended it as a pair in one of their most high-profile outings ever. Jenner and Booker are still “very friendly and supportive of one other,” according to this insider.

According to another insider, a recent trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, where Booker was spotted “cozying up to different ladies and being flirty throughout the night” was a sign of his newfound single status.

Their breakup was confirmed to E! after two weeks, and it was confirmed that Jenner had stopped their romance. According to a close friend of Jenner’s, “Kendall and Devin hit a difficult patch recently and have been divided for approximately a week and a half.” According to that source, Kardashian’s wedding in Italy led them to reevaluate their own futures. “Once they returned, they found they have completely different lifestyles and felt like they weren’t aligned.”

Jennifer Jenner told Booker she “needed space and time apart,” according to a source. As far as I know, they’ve been in touch and still care about each other. According to that insider, they both “want to make it work,” but for the time being, they are split.


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