Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Cadillac’s $300,000 EV Celestia

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When it comes to design, the display vehicle should serve as a model for the final product.

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Cadillac’s Celestiq is a premium electric car for $300,000 and two years wait. Then, finally, the manufacturer unveiled the EV.

Given the price, Cadillac envisions it as an “ultra-luxury” flagship vehicle. The company has provided some fascinating facts about the hand-built car, but not many specifics.

“Celestia has AWD and Ultra Cruise.”

The Celestiq will include hand-crafted materials, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and GM’s Ultra Cruise driver aid technology. In addition, it will use GM’s Ultrium powertrain.

Drivers and passengers may customize the interior. For example, the roof contains “suspended-particle-device smart glass” Each passenger may adjust the roof’s transparency level.

55-inch LED dashboard screen. Cadillac has computerized shutters. Front-seat video viewing doesn’t distract the driver. Each row has touchscreen headrests.

Cadillac’s display vehicle is comparable to the regular model. Motor Authority says the Celestiq will be a 2025 model released in 2024. So maybe save $300,000 for now.


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