Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Christine McGuinness and her husband Paddy are “going through a very tough time,” she says.

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Description:Christine McGuinness has said that she and her husband, TV host Paddy McGuinness, are “going through a very, very difficult moment.”

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Some people have seen that Paddy’s tattoo on his hand is gone, and others have noticed that the couple has taken recent, separate vacations, both of which have led to rumors regarding the couple’s breakup.

Earlier in the week, Christine said that things were “very well” between the two, but in an interview with The Sun, she revealed that things weren’t ideal.

I feel really exposed and scattered at the moment “”I can’t deny we are having a very, very difficult time,” Christine continued.

After hearing marriage rumors, Christine McGuinness stated she is “feeling extremely raw.” However, the 34-year-old model admitted, “you’ve got to expect” rough patches like these in a long-term partnership. (Getty)

They wed in 2011 after meeting while she was a teenager. All three of their children are on the spectrum for autism.

Chrisitne remarked: “Long-term relationships often experience highs and lows. Everyone evolves throughout time, and it’s wonderful to see how far we’ve come as a unit.

I was a teenager when we met, and now I’m a 34-year-old woman; I don’t know that I’d put up with the same things I did then, and neither would he.


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