Friday, August 19, 2022
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GTA Online update allows penalty-free battles

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Grand Theft Auto Online’s most recent patch has many features aimed at combating griefing.

Short News:
Along with the Criminal Enterprises update on July 26, the patch incorporates player-requested gameplay tweaks (opens in a new tab).

Some of these adjustments try to minimize griefers’ influence on other players and seem like important improvements.

Players won’t have to pay to destroy another player’s armed vehicle when the update goes live, so you may protect yourself without consequence.

“K/D won’t reflect Freemode kills to prevent griefing.”

Your K/D won’t reflect Freemode kills to avoid griefing. Only competitive play affects this measure. This should discourage griefers from improving in Freemode.

The update removes griefers by allowing private Sell Missions. In addition, invite Only, Crew, and Friend Sessions let business owners source and sell alone or with friends.

A nerf to the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II hoverbike seems to be aimed toward griefers. Reduced homing missile efficacy, longer cooldowns and fewer applications for countermeasures.

The latest GTA Online version also includes some surprises for racetrack griefers. For example, “Ghost to First Checkpoint” and “Anti Grief Ghosting” choices will ghost wrong-way drivers.

The complete update affects vehicle customization, business protections, and improvements, but it’s fantastic to see so much committed to griefing.


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