Friday, August 19, 2022
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His pool won $177,000 from strangers.

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57-year-side old’s gig: His home pool earned $177,000 from strangers.

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Jim Battan understood he was making an investment when he spent $110,000 on a luxury pool in 2012.

He couldn’t have imagined that ten years later, he’d pay it off by renting it online. Since September 2020, Battan’s pool has entertained 9,000 swimmers via Simply, the Airbnb of swimming pools. CNBC Make It evaluated paperwork showing $177,000 in less than two years.

Hosting a rentable pool isn’t as easy as changing towels between guests, explains Battan. He’s spent $37,000 on the 26-by-18-foot pool and pool house over the last decade.

Batman and his wife, Lisa, spend 12 to 14 hours a week cleaning and testing the water’s chemicals and coordinating reservations.

Battan is Swimply’s top earner out of 25,000 pools in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Here’s how he manages his pool and keeps his side business going.

“More than chlorinator”

Battan’s pool and facilities are on two acres of rural land and aren’t subject to municipal or HOA laws. The pool sits close to Battan’s wife’s barn, where she cares for rescued horses, llamas, opossums, and pigs.

SEN families are welcome at Battan. An isolated pool costs $70 per hour for five people, more for longer hours. Battan outlines Swimply’s usability discount.

Battan books 26 visits every week throughout the summer. He maintains the pool at 90 degrees year-round and gives warm blankets.


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