Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Jack Carr, author of “The Terminal List,” addresses concerns raised about the streaming service Prime Video’s adaptation of his novel.

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Description:Carr’s novel with the same title came out in 2018.

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In response to the critical reception of the Amazon Prime Video thriller series The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt, the novel’s author, Jack Carr, has spoken out.

The former Navy SEAL was a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday, when the host discussed the gap between the critical and viewer reception to the drama series.

New series, which premiered on July 1 alongside the final two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4, received a solid 94 percent average audience score but a disappointing 43 percent rating from critics.

In The Terminal List, Pratt plays Navy SEAL commander James Reece, who investigates the ambush that claimed the lives of his entire squad. When he finally gets back to his family after his disastrous secret assignment, he finds that his enemies have followed him home.

When asked why the series has received such mixed reviews, Carr points the finger at politics:

According to Carr, “that fits right in with what I know about the present culture and climate in America right now.” Quite a few of these critics appear to have been provoked by it. Getting a 95 percent audience rating validates all of our hard work. No, we didn’t make this for the naysayers.

This was created specifically for the audience in the arena. We did it for the guys who put in the time and effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, whether they were soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines.

They worked hard to create an original piece and an entertaining program that would resonate with their target audience. The fact that we were rated at 95% shows me that we were almost there.


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