Friday, August 19, 2022
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Netflix CEO: Linear TV Will Die in ‘5-10 Years’

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Netflix’s awful news this week. Stranger Things made it better.

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Last quarter, Netflix lost 970,000 members. A million users is a lot. So the streamer wasn’t anticipating a bloodbath.

Good news! Stranger Things helped the corporation avoid losing 2 million customers. The issue is where they’ll go.

“HBO Max and Disney+ stream blockbusters.”

A terrific program or blockbuster movie may keep people around, but HBO Max and Disney+ are intriguing alternatives.

Reed Hastings says linear TV won’t cause Netflix any problems in a decade. He mentioned this during Netflix’s second-quarter earnings call this week.

Linear TV has been losing audience interest for a while, so Hastings is correct. Netflix has joined. While other streamers may experience gains, they’re all experiencing the burden of other screentime.

How long before viewers lose up and stick to TikTok, Instagram, and other feeds while something streams in the background?

Streaming isn’t over. Movies and TV programs are constantly popular. However, Netflix’s stats this week indicate a reckoning is coming, if not already underway.

Streaming has been a boon for providers and studios, but audiences are tiring. Stranger Things can’t last 20 seasons.

Netflix plans to offer an ad-supported version of the service in 2023. According to a report last week, the streamer will join Microsoft on an ad-supported subscription.

The firm didn’t specify the pricing of the ad-supported tier, although it’ll certainly be less than $15.49/month.

Netflix’s Q2 shareholder statement said its “engaged audience and high-quality content” would attract brand marketers. Can Hulu? TV replacement.


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