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The Producers of “Star Trek: Prodigy” Have Some Fun Making Fun of Janeway as a “Formidable Foe” to the Crew.

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Description:”How awesome would it be if the movie was about Mary Poppins trying to track you down?”

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Nickelodeon’s new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Prodigy, has introduced a whole new generation to the franchise. The story follows a gang of alien teenagers as they use the derelict Starfleet vessel USS Protostar to seek out adventure, meaning, and salvation for themselves and the rest of the galaxy.

Dan and Kevin Hageman, the show’s executive producers, and Ben Hibon, the show’s creative head, told Comicbook in a recent interview that they wanted children to regard Janeway in the same way that they view Mary Poppins.

Kevin Hageman said, “constantly putting on the two distinct hats” when asked about the show’s premiere on Nickelodeon and how they rely largely on Kathryn Janeway for managing fan expectations.” When pressed for more detail, he adds,

“The first is, “How do you promote P+?” It’s a marketing conundrum: how do you appeal to parents and children alike? And then there’s the question of “how do you do this for kids?” So, we examine Janeway from every angle.

There’s the mature audience that adores Janeway and, oh, now she’s a hologram, and, oh, now Adm. Janeway’s back, and all this exciting new development stuff, and we need to make sure we cater to them.”

Kate Mulgrew, who played Janeway in the first season, returns back in the series as a hologram. Instead of focusing on her past achievements, the writers are taking a fresh look at her. In his own words, Kevin Hageman says “Now, though, it’s really cool to visit Nickelodeon, where the target demographic is kids.

That’s where we are right now. What do the young people think? If you don’t want to know Janeway’s past, how can we make the holographic version of her intriguing to them? I think Nickelodeon would benefit from having holographic Janeway because it reminds me of Mary Poppins, and Mary Poppins was great.” To add on to this,

I’m hoping that the kids on Nickelodeon will see Janeway in the same light that I do. There were a lot of latchkey kids at home or kids with these kinds of problems at home, and she came in and was very, very strong and disciplined, but she was so charismatic that you just loved her and you wanted her around.”


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